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Applaud the silence

How do we release any kinks we have in our mind? We often choose to close our eyes, pausing any mental activities we may have, trying to bury what mental monsters we have feeding on our negative thoughts.

Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t.

Most times we grow accustomed to the noise or whatever lack there of, and we fall back in a habit of self-talk. Not the kind of nourishing self-talk, but more like a constant reminder of being careful mixed with a deep yearning to feel safe and at home. A peaceful state of mind.

I miss that. Really. That kind of peaceful feeling we have returning home from our everyday chaos, crisp cold air on our cheeks and a faint smell of dinner cooking in the neighbourhood. The kind of family we know will be waiting for us to get home.

I often ask myself, is it possible for home to be a person and not a place? Where do we always go to at the end of our day? Who do we search? In whom do we find peace?